CALLIS Therapie

The Sprintex Callis Therapie slat-belt running machine is suitable for physically disabled but ambulatory patients.

Usage in the rehabilitation sector for re-gaining and maintaining the general walking and running ability as well as for building up muscular strength, endurance and physical fitness.

Flexible, modular and adjustable to every need

The Callis Therapie is suitable for every ambulatory patient. The true zero starting speed with 0.1 km/h increments allows safe gait exercise for every patient type. Adjustable handrails and shoulder support (also for children) enables an optimal support and allows free access from the therapist.

For more information download the data sheet!​

Convenient user interface

All Callis treadmills come with a modern touch terminal that is easy to use for both the therapist and the patient. Beside the standard speed, incline, distance, time and heart rate information, the terminal also has an emergency stop button.

Additionally, a fixed or removable handrail control-pad gives the therapist an easy access to control the training without disturbing the patient.

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Download the Callis Trac 60E Datasheet!

Download the Callis Therapie Datasheet!