The Callis Ortho PRO is for motion analysis and orthopedic training where the accuracy and durability of our slat-belt running surface provide unparalleled gait experience. 


More accurate analysis

Completed with reverse running mode, open and shortened hand rails, downhill mode and remote control options, the Callis Ortho PRO fits to every orthopedic and motion lab requirement. 

For more information download the data sheet!​

NEW biofeedback function

Basic real-time biofeedback functions through integrated sensors

It can measure parameters such as 

  • Step lengths (left/right) 
  • Steps/min 
  • Step cycle time 
  • Stride length 
  • Symmetry

Data recording for external gait & motion analysis

Coming soon: ANT+


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Download the Callis Trac 60E Datasheet!

Download the Callis Therapie Datasheet!