Slat-Belt Technology

Slat-belt running surface technology provides an unparalleled gait experience for both rehabilitation and training; and an exceptional precision for gait analysis. With its many advantages over traditional conveyor-type treadmills, Callis slat-belt running surface is the choice of many health and fitness professionals.

The innovation of SPRINTEX slat-belt technology

The Callis treadmills are based on a unique slat-belt running surface, the s²ap®. Slat belts’ advantage over traditional conveyor-type treadmill belts lies in their ability to absorb the impact when the foot hits the belt, providing a much more comfortable and natural gait training.

Callis slat-belts sit on 114 ball bearings that enable a fully frictionless movement of the running surface. Eliminating friction between the running surface and the frame ensures durability and a reduced maintenance time. Not to mention the significantly smaller energy consumption.

Advantages of slat-belts

Shock absorption
Sprintex slats are made of special shock absorbing rubber that is further enhanced through integrated air channels. Together with the unique T-joint system, our slat-belt treadmills provide an unparalleled gait experience.
Frictionless belt design
Thank to the 114 ball bearings that move the belt ahead, slat-belt treadmills are much more reliable, since the belts don’t wear off that fast. Moreover, this frictionless design also makes slat-belt treadmills ideal for gait analysis and orthopedic applications.
No horizontal slippage
Due to the toothed pulley type of design, the is no horizontal slippage and no need to adjust the tension of the belt like by traditional treadmills. The toothed pulley design also allows a seamless, true zero start-up speed which makes early gait rehabilitation of strongly impaired patients easier and safer.
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