The 5 pillars of Sprintex

Innovative slat-belts

Our innovative slat-belts provide best-in-class durability paired with shock-absorbing design. Sitting on 114 ball bearing trolleys, the belts are not only stable and move without friction – hence preserving energy – but enable a natural flexibility of movement.

Certified for medical applications

All our treadmills have been certified by ISO 13485 as well as 93/42 EWG to meet the highest medical standards. In Germany Callis treadmills are one of the very few ones registered as medical devices.

Highest quality standards

All our treadmills are made in our manufacturing facility in Germany using the highest quality components and standardized manufacturing procedures. We are committed to provide the highest quality both for our products and for our services.

Modular design

Our treadmills can be personalized to your patients’ every need through our wide range of add-on modules such as ramps, hand-held remote, adjustable hand rails or shoulder support for both adults as well as children. 

Service offering

Our treadmills are designed to last up to 15 years with minimum service time. Despite, we maintain a professional and well-trained service network throughout Germany to ensure a timely and top quality technical assistance.

A brief company history

Download the Callis Trac 60E Datasheet!

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